Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Open Letter to Cancer Research Society

Dear Canadian Cancer Research Society,

I appreciate, like all charities, that you need to raise funds for your undoubtedly charitable and important work.

However, what an earth drove you to send me a big fundraising envelope that is filled with electronic garbage? So, you send me a pen, something apparently necessary to complete your fundraising form with financial details. Fair enough, though, I suspect that most people who have the funds to donate to you probably own a pen.

But you did not stop there, you also included an oversized electronic calculator, wrapped in plastic bubble to protect it. That's where the fun stops! N O B O D Y uses electronic calculators as stand-alone utilities. We have them in our smartphones, on our computers, even on our smart watches. Have you given any thought on the environmental impact of the electronic garbage that you sent out en masse to the unsuspecting public? I won't use it, most of us will have zero use for that piece of plastic and the toxic battery inside it.

I won't be donating a cent to you, because it is clear to me that you are wasting without much thinking oodles of $$ to fill thick envelopes with garbage that you then send to people like me with requests for donations. How stupid do you think we are?

I love the line in your letter where you ask that we please do not return your electronic garbage back to sender, instead begging that we please unload the trash you sent our way 'to a friend of relative who may enjoy it'. Who are you kidding?

Udo Schuklenk

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