Monday, November 16, 2015

Trudeau Curtails Harper's Anti-Choice Activist End-of-Life Panel Activities

This is brilliant. Former PM Stephen Harper appointed in the dying weeks of his government a smallish panel of anti-choice activists to advise his government on how to implement the Supreme Court of Canada's ruling on assisted dying. The CBC reports today that PM Trudeau's government has moved to curtail this panel's scope of activities. It doesn't want advice from the panel on possible legislation any longer, the federal government simply asks the panel members to summarise the results of its consultation. I'm pretty sure the results of this panel's activities will be filed away right after that. Game over for these anti-choice activists. Here is some more background information on two of them. Note that both of them were expert witnesses on behalf of the Harper government fighting the case against assisted dying in our courts. Their expertise sank without a trace when the Supreme Court decided unanimously that depriving us of access to assisted dying violates our Charter rights. Mind boggling the amount of tax monies that were wasted on their activities.


  1. So cheered by developments in Canada!

    1. Yes, civilisation is returning rapidly to our shores.


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