Friday, November 24, 2006


I flew (torture class, don't ask) with South African Airways from London Heathrow to Johannesburg this week. Flight was pretty much unexceptional, the food was digestable, the inflight entertainment was OK, the seat was ... well, I got what I paid for. Even the service was pretty good.

Having said that, however, I want to share this story with you. Udo talks to SAA steward. Explains he has a very bad headache and requests a painkiller. Here's the SAA steward's response. No kidding: 'The person in charge of the painkillers is currently asleep. I can't wake her, as there would be a big fight. You have to wait until she is awake.'

It goes without saying that I went without painkillers as the stewardess 'in charge' of them slept during the night flight.

Cheers to the professional training SAA's stewards and stewardesses receive... makes me wonder whether their pilots also go to sleep and must not be awoken in case their services are needed during the flight...

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  1. Hey Udo, well I can say yes, I have heard of that before, however, one should bear in mind, that SAA is not a pharmacy, and if you are a regular traveller, you really should travel prepared. I mean you don't go on a roller coaster ride, get off, and proceed to the park office to ask for a headache tablet do you? Yes you are on a plane, but make sure you take your own medication with. But, the reason why I am answering to your blog is the following: The medicines control council have actually blocked all companies from dispensing medication to anyone without the necessary qualifications. The reason for this is that there are some sly buggers out there. Just last year I took a flight on SAA to New York, and yes, someone like you was feeling nausea and asked for a tablet......As a result, this South African woman broke out in a terrible rash, claiming that she was allergic to the tablet. She then proceeded to let that crew member know, she would be sueing SAA......I was witness to it all and attended the court proceedings. She lost the case but it was made a huge thing, and out of it was a rep from the medicines control council who actually gave that info to us. So actaully, that crew member was doing you a favour. She may not have given it to you, but I think she was kind enough to suggest that she will get one, even when the respective crew member awakes.


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